1. An improved Connection UI.

  • Makes connecting common attributes much quicker.
  • Source the attribute short name from channel box to the attribute field in one click.
  • Allows for one ‘source attribute’ to be connected to multiple ‘target attributes’.   (eg. Source: Size  Target: Scale X, Scale Y, Scale Z)

2. A simple UI for adjusting attribute defaults.

  • Quickly adjust minimum, maximum and default values.
  • For use with float, integer, boolean and enumerate data types.
  • Works with both transform (translate, rotate, scale) and user created attributes.

3. Place locators on a curve.

  • A quick setup for maintaining volume.
  • Useful for areas like shoulders, butt and stomach

4. Create an unselectable line connecting two objects.

  • Make a visual connection between two objects
  • Show which knee or elbow is being controlled by which pole vector


1. Center the pivot based on selected components.

  • Let the script do the math for you to move the pivot to the average of all the selected components.

2. Duplicate an object multiple times.

  • Duplicate an object then move the duplication to a new location, then run this script to fill in the space between with a any number of duplications.